Fan Power
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Project CO
Project CO lets independent artists use their fan power to the fullest, while getting their music on all major streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and YouTube.
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Everse Capital
KuCoin Labs
Shima Capital
Rarestone capital
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The CO project will let artists and fans join forces in a play to earn model, rewarding everyone for their contribution.
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Product roadmap
Q2 2022
Fan Power & Song Shares
NFT drops
CO wallet
Fan Power & Song Shares on blockchain
Q3 2022
$CO token & Fan missions
Public launch of the $CO
Fan funding on blockchain
Fan missions
Q4 2022
Play to Earn & Hero projects
Artist created missions
New app design
Selected artist drops
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Fan Power
Changing the game through Fan Power
Corite business team
Mattias Tengblad
Mattias has over 20 years of unique management, business development and marketing experience from telecom and gaming to music and media. Industries that’s all been through radical transformations into digital.
Emil Angervall
Emil has 20 years experience as a designer and Creative Director focusing on brand building, marketing and online startups at Universal Music, tv production and digital agencies, co founding and launching multiple business ventures.
Emelie Olsson
Emelie is responsible for artist relations, partnerships and communication. She is an experienced project manager working with digital communication, including social media, podcasts, sales and copywriting.
Nils Fohlin
Nils Fohlin has worked on multiple blockchain based projects already, including major games and investment platforms built for the blockchain from the ground up. Nils has Master of Science degree from the Umea University and graduated in 2021.
Charles Goldstuck
Charles Goldstuck is founder and President of Hitco Entertainment. He was President and COO of the Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG) and co-founded J Records in 2000 with industry legend Clive Davis, and built it into the RCA Music Group.
Alexandr Onufriychuk
Alexandr Onufriychuk is an experienced digital marketer from the blockchain industry. Alexandr has an academic background in finance and has worked as a Chief marketing officer in tech product companies and is skilled in business development, project management, public relations and social media.
LA Reid
Music advisor, Co-founder Hitco
LA has served as the chairman and CEO of Epic Records and The Island Def Jam Music Group, the president and CEO of Arista Records. LA is a legendary music man and entrepreneur with an unprecedented network within the absolute top league of american pop, R&B and Hip hop artists.
Rico Love
Grammy Awarded Music producer
Love is a Grammy Award winning producer with works including Beyoncé’s 2009 Best Contemporary R&B album “I Am... Sasha Fierce,” Usher’s 2010 Best Contemporary R&B album “Raymond v. Raymond,” Rico Love as a recording artist has appeared as a featured artist on records with Usher, T.I., Jermaine Dupri, Jamie Foxx and Rich Boy.
Vaan Ayran
Co-Founder 4000Studios
+ Partner at CRT Labs
Vaan is the Co-Founder of 4000Studios, the largest studio multiplex in the Southern Hemisphere, and hosts a stack of platinum producers including Konstantin Kersting, who created #1 song in 2021 ‘Dance Monkey’ by Tones & I. Vaan is also a Partner at CRT Capital, a Blockchain VC fund who have raised more than $132M for projects within the space since 2016.
Case studies
Alan Walker (NO)
He’s one of the biggest artists in the world with hits such as ‘Faded’ and the viral TikTok-hit ‘PS5’, and a massive global and growing following of +150M across platforms. Since day one, it has been all about building a strong community of fans, called The Walkers.

With Corite Alan Walker was able to give back to those dedicated Walkers who not only supported Alan by listening to his music but also by co-creating artworks and the music itself. Fan power at its finest! Alan is currently on a worldwide tour, “Walkerverse, The Tour”.
Oscar Stembridge (SWE)
At the remarkable young age of seven, Stembridge was signed to a major label and started his professional career as a singer-songwriter, artist, and multi-instrumentalist. He quickly became known, performing at the biggest TV shows and events in Sweden.

Stembridge joined Corite in 2021 and has since gained impressive traction, teaming up with dedicated hardcore fans and new ones. Since then he’s been booked to festivals in the U.S, opened for Kings Of Leon at Boardmasters in the UK, and won Rookie of the Year at the Denniz Pop Awards 2022. He recently released his debut EP ‘Thir13en’ and is already back in the studio writing music.
Questions & Answers
What is the Corite CO project?
The CO project is a decentralized platform based on Corite’s proven model for independent artists and fans to co-create, fund and promote music. Using fan power, artists can engage and reward their fans in every aspect of their career and share success together.
Why is CO needed?
The music industry is run by a few huge corporations, but the technology to challenge this model exists today. Fair and transparent distribution of value, new monetization opportunities, and new ways of measuring and rewarding talent are all components that the CO project will deliver on.
What is the $CO token for?
The $CO token is a utility token that powers the entire ecosystem. Users can stake their tokens on the platform to earn rewards for their contributions and unlock functionality.

For instance, $CO token holders will be able to participate in blockchain fan funding, gain early access to investing in music, purchase and trade Corite Original NFTs and VIP experiences, earn rewards for contributing to the platform, create artist social tokens and participate in governance.
Can a new artist be featured on your site?
Yes! Not only is our current platform open for anyone who has created and controls the rights to a recording, but the CO project will by definition be an open platform. The Corite team will feature artists based on algorithms and editorial choices, but all functionality will be open to any artist and fan. The rewards and allocation of tokens will ultimately be decided by the $CO token holders.
What is the difference between Corite and the CO project?
Corite is a company which is currently operating a fan funding platform at The CO project is a decentralized platform built on the blockchain, which will provide tools for artists and fans to engage in a play to earn model. Corite will be using the CO projects technology and integrate it into the Corite service, in order to provide proof of concept for the CO platform and for Corite to deliver a more engaging platform.
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